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Snipperclips Plus (October 2017)


Shauny Sion Jang, Associate Audio Designer at Nintendo Software Technology


SFX creation for all of the new content, worked with the game designer for audio integration in Unity. I couldn't get video footages from Switch directly, but this trailer contains a lot of my sound design work!

Super Mario Maker for 3DS (December 2016)

(Custom Engine / Proprietary Audio Tools)

Shauny Sion Jang, Associate Audio Designer at Nintendo Software Technology


Composed original music, arranged Nintendo's music, created original SFX, recreated existing SFX, and did mixing and mastering.

It was a fun challenge to work with CPU limit and built-in speakers on 3DS.

Aegis (April 2017) - Best Spoken Dialogue at DigiPen Peer Commendations 2017

(Wwise + UE4)

Shauny Sion Jang, Audio Lead, Composer, Sound Designer, VO Designer

3D adventure game. In a charge of every audio element - music, sound effects, and voice over.

I focused on using motifs in different ways. Strings and harp are the big parts of the soundtrack. Also there are some tracks with my own voice!

Nightmare Grotto (March 2017)

(Wwise + UE4)

Shauny Sion Jang, Composer

VR Arcade game on HTC Vive and Occulus Rift. Orchestral horror + synth music.

The main focus was to create an interactive music system to follow the intensity of the game.

Somnus (2016) - E3 Top 5 Finalists of College Game of the Year 2016

(Wwise + UE4)

Shauny Sion Jang, Composer/VO Designer

The music proceeds with the gameplay. Used horizontal/vertical re-sequencing throughout the whole game to seamlessly progress the music with the gameplay. Orchestral + Piano.


Game Description: Somnus is a 3D puzzle platformer that utilizes perspective illusions to manipulate the environment. The player aligns themselves in the proper perspective to create, shift, scale, or modify objects in order to reach their goal.

In Somnus you play Melanie, a young shutterbug who wakes up in the middle of the night to find her two favorite stuffed animals have ventured into a mysterious dreamscape in her wardrobe. As Melanie you must help your stuffed companions make their way through the world using your magical camera to solve unique perspective illusions. 

Ascension(2016) - Best Music of the Year / Best Sound Design of the Year / Game of the Year at DigiPen Game Award 2016

(Wwise + UE4)

Shauny Sion Jang, Composer


Orchestral score with exotic scales. Used a lot of horizontal re-sequencing to make the player feel the exactly what we want to make them feel.


3D adventure game. It was one of the finalists at Intel® University Games Showcase at GDC 2016.

Garden Guardians (2016)

(Wwise + UE4)

Shauny Sion Jang, Audio Lead/Composer

3D action/adventure game. Orchestral music. With the main theme music, I collaborated with RHS orchestra (not in the trailer).

RUMBLE TV (2015) - E3 College Game of the Year


Shauny Sion Jang, Composer


Synth + Orchestral. Horizontal re-sequencing.


Game Description: RumbleTV is a multiplayer first person shooter with MOBA elements where players pick one of three types of convicts and fight for freedom on a prison planet for live entertainment. This game is made in Unreal Engine.

LORD OF THE BATS (2015) - Make-A-Wish Foundation Collaboration Project

(Wwise + Unity)

Game Description: From the mind of creative director Mason comes Lord of the Bats, a 2D side-scrolling platformer made in Unity, using Wwise audio. Journey with Private Battede as you traverse the Cactus and Desert, climb Mt. Loopemus, and stop the evil that has taken hold of the bat kingdom. Control your bat familiars to solve tricky puzzles and collect all the coins in each level. Can you locate the magic fruit and save the bat kingdom?

Other Game Projects (2013 - Present)

Punch For Fun (2014)

Zepplin's Quest (2013)

Princess Pinàta's Party Panic (2013)

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